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The Concept

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It is a “sharing” economy. And in the space with the most need, a strong mindset around larger purpose, the amount of sharing, leveraging of resources is minimal. A social purpose could and should be built into the sharing economy model, leveraging assets and providing additional work hours for employees to bridge any labor gaps that are barriers to completing a social impact transaction.


Unique value proposition?  We are a safe, efficient space to offer up underutilized assets and to seek assets, creating a transactional space that serves and supports entities serving our communities


So, imagine a tool lending library writ large. Imagine nonprofits becoming their own uhaul type renting service. There are an array of assets to share from NFP to NFP:


  • Vehicles
  • Warehouse equipment
  • Larger processing equipment
  • Office Equipment, Copiers
  • Event and Office Space
  • Labor


And provided legal, financial, tax exempt status issues could be resolved, there exists a NFP to Small Business option as well. There is some history in managing assets, but it has been Donor to NFP, NFP to Client and mostly around office equipment or emergency response supplies.

So, consider these existing possible models:


  • myturn
  • Gifts in Kind
  • Tides Shared Space
  • MedShare
  • airBnB
  • Tool Lending


So consider making this happen, so that the NGO sector can better leverage its resources! There is so much to do in the world, we should be sharing out assets and making more happen, sooner, faster, cheaper!